Rasos de Peguera integral

Maximum height of the route:

2,077 meters

Brief description:

Surely one of the best and most complete routes that can be made in the massif of Rasos de Peguera with a
n e-bike. Leaving the Plaza dels Rasos climbs, the old ski slopes to the top of Pedró. Then a gentle descent reaches the Coll de Tagast. The degree of Tagast is lowered with a short stretch that is not cyclable and a good path leads to the sanctuary of Corber
a. A good track takes us to the Coll de L'oreller, where we continue on a track, barred in the way of the motorized vehicles, which goes to the beautiful place of the Estany where, in rainy periods, a pond is formed in the middle of a grassy area.
The track ends and continues along the old Camí de Peguera which crosses the beautiful Baga of Noucomes. After a short tunnel where the wagons were passing through coal from the mines, we start the ascent to the abandoned village of Peguera by the old way, passing through La Cantina and other buildings in ruins. Once in the village of Peguera we continue along a track in direction west to find the paved road from Fumanya. We continue on the left a short stretch and after crossing a Canadian crossing of the livestock we continue pedaling in the middle of the meadows towards the south until we find the track that climbs towards the car park where we started the excursion. Before arriving we turn off to the left and we will look for a hidden track that begins to climb with some lace on the lush and beautiful Baga Peguera. When we arrive almost to the mountain, leave it and climb through the middle of the forest to reach the second summit called Salabardar or Cap de la Baga Peguera (2077 m.). It is the highest point of this moun
tain range. We descend by a well marked path to the place of Les Collades where for old ski slopes we return to the starting point.

Geographical area:

The "Rasos de Peguera" (Berguedà)


Ciclabilitat 98%



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