El Comabona des de Saldes i retorn per Gresolet


Maximum height of the route:

2,545 meters

Brief description:

Interesting excursion through the eastern slope of the Sierra del Cadi rising to the top of Comabona. W
e leave from Saldes and follow the track that gives access to the viewpoint of the Gresolet, at the foot of the vertical walls of Pedraforca. We follow a good track to the Colell and the Coll de les Bassotes. At this point we left the track and began to climb through the traces of an old track that doing different loops gaining height through the Prat Toixonés, Socarrat, and Llong succesdly. Large panoramic views of the northern slope of Pe
draforca. After crossing the Prat Llong by a very marked path we climb to the back of the Serra Pedregosa that we follow it rather, planning eastwards. We crossed El Clot Palomar and headed to the Pas dels Gosolans, an important hill that communicates the Beguedà with Cerdanya. A few meters from this hill we find the abundant Font Tordera. Here is a good place to make a refreshment. From the fountain, we climb through grassy terrain until we reach the head of the mountains very close to the top of
Aguiló. By easy terrain we descend to the Coll de Comabona and finally we climb up a good path to the summit. Large and dilated panoramas. Stresses at our feet the vertical canals of the North face of the Sierra del Cadi and beyond the plain Ceretana and the Pyrenean myrtle highlighting the Tossa Plana de Lles and Puigpedrós. Onc
e well drented by the panoramic views is continued by the head of the ridge in an east direction to reach the Coll de la Coma Bona. Once you arrive we follow a marked path that is well signposted as PR (white and green marks) with wooden bollards and stone milestones that make it easy to follow. In the first section, the Clotada is wide and even with some grasslands. Halfway down the path is right and down a stretch of a kilometre that is not cyclable. Finally the slope is smoothed and can be re-climbed on the bike. The trail goes to the track of the Bassotes between the Coll de Torn and Coll de Bal
ma.La we continue downhill towards east until arriving at the Coll de Balma where we find on the right the track that, by a magnificent beech, descends to the shrine of Gresolet, a place very suitable for another refreshme
nt. We continue down a good track passing through the beautiful Gresolet Strait and finally coming back to Sald
es. Hard and very difficult tour around the section of the Coma Bona descent that is completely uncycl
able. The rest has hard drive ramps but with an e-bike they do not have any complication
. Consideration
s: You must be in a good physical and technical way to face this route. I
t is only suitable from the end of May until the first snowfall in the autumn. In c
ase of bad time better forget about it. In the upper parts, fog or storms can be very dangerous.

Geographical area:

Sierra del Cadí


Ciclabilitat 96%



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