Cambre d’Ase N.

Maximum height of the route:

2,711 meters

Brief description:

We leave the village of Eina in the Haute Cerdagne and by the way we climb the ski resort. From here I start on a green track, after the blue and finally red. The red is a hard climb, hard but not all cyclable. Arriving at the top of the ski lift ends the “good” road and for a short stretch the road is 50% cyclable until you reach the top of the lift of the station Sant Pierre. We leave the area skiable and we approach the Antene and the field by going up. This piece is fairly less costarut but Trialero, anyway you can make long marches and this facilitates the thing. We reach a point where we have a bigurcation, the left path goes along the ridge and the right one that I grabbed goes down the west Slope and planning. On the way it is narrow and delicate but to good pass until you reach a hill where you can just climb up to the ridge. I’m under the The Donkey House walking up the last mtrs. The way back I undo it to the tracks of St. Pierre and enough for the red. The only thing that is missing are good brakes. And already everything down to the starting point. It is a tough ascent to one of the high peaks of the high Cerdanya. Great panoramic views to the sea.

Geographical area:

French Pyrenees


Ciclabilitat 99%



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