Els tres grans llacs de la Catalunya N

Maximum height of the route:

2,426 meters

Brief description:

It is a magnificent high mountain route that passes through the three large lakes (all three with locks) of North Catalonia. We lef
t the edge of the beautiful and touristic Lake of Matamala. We surround it and gently climb to the village of Les Angles. It is worth visiting your church. Attached to the village is the ski resort of the same name. We climb up the access tracks to the top. Great panoramic views over Les Angles and Estany de Matamala with the Madres mountains in the back
ground. We crossed a fence and by a blurred track we lost heights. Soon we will glimpse the second big lake at our feet, La Bollosa. We arrive at the bottom of the valley in the place where the pass is on the river La Tet which feeds this pond. Now we continue up the wide Coma de La Grava. We climb through the middle of the meadows, full of wetlands, to save us some stony stretches on the way. In half a coma we continue climbing for a very well marked path. GR-10 marks. After a good time to climb this long valley, it turns left and goes into the top and end where the beautiful lake of the Estanyol is located, at the foot of the Portella de La Grava. Here is a good place to rest and recharge to get past the short but hard climb to this portella. The last few meters are not ciclabes. Once this ascent we reached the wide and grassed Portell de La Grava (2426 m.). This pass separates the valleys of La Grava and Bollosa from Lanos. In front and at our feet we have the large lake of Lanos with the summit of the Coma d'or that excens from the rest of the mountainous murallam that closes the horizon. Magnificent panora
mic view. We leave the main road down to the little Roset hut and go for a secondary road that makes a flank to go out to a small pond. Now without way we go down by glevers to find the main path (GR-marks). It is a very cool path that takes us to the wall foot of the high lock of this great lak
e. At this point there are traces of an old track that was used when this work was built. Soon it is finished and we continue down to reach the building-shelter of the engineers. It has a free part in pretty good conditio
n. We continue down the left side of the valley in the middle of woodland and screes. It is a road that, in general, is quite good to pass. Finally we reach the bottom of the valley where we find a clue. We crossed the river Lanos by a solid bridge and finally we arrived at the Lake El Passet, a place frequented with tables and adventure activities. I
n short, a very interesting route we have done with e-bike with a consumption of a battery and a half. If you don't go with an e-bike and you're not used to the high mountain you can find it very tough.

Geographical area:

Catalonia North


Ciclabilitat 97%



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