Llívia – Font del Segre

Font del Segre

Maximum height of the route:

2380 meters

Brief description:

From Llívia to the birth of the river Segre, the most long river in Catalonia. Beautiful morning in a little-visited place by bike. I take the secondary roads to go more quickly to cross the plain. From Llo to the plain of the cross is the normal court. From the Coll de la Creu to the Coll Segalera it climbs well with some short ramp. Important not to leave the road marked with red triangles or later the yellow markings of the Camí de Núria. Once out the forest the road with rises and descents are more than Trialero but it is allowed to pass up to the fountain. A very nice place. The return undoing the path to the Pla de la Creu and once there is direct descent to Llo. It is a slide to pieces well but everything cyclable it is necessary to bring good brakes!!! Here the brief description

Geographical area:



Ciclabilitat 99%



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