About Us

Over the Clouds

In Over the Clouds we plan and execute mountain routes to reach summits, making excursions that will normally be on foot or not many people have raised that is possible to do on two wheels. We record them, we analyze them and we show them ordered and sorted by difficulty, geographical area and, above all, the percentage of cyclability.

Over The Clouds is a project that is born from the discovery of electric bicycles or e-bike and the enormous potential of this discipline. Not everybody has the capacity and the physical way to make large and long routes maintaining the main objective of all this: to have fun.

We are lovers of nature and two wheels and we seek to share views and experiences with other bike enthusiasts, and discover that with an e-bike it is possible to make these routes.

If you don't know anything about us, you'll surely find us at some summit of the Catalan, French or Andorran Pyrenees.

Tossa Plana de Lles
Jaume and Joan-in laTossa Plana de Lles